April Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club Newsletter

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

April has been a blur of activity for Arlington. Our club has been extremely active. We have had three 3-gun shoots, our Tuesday Night Steel Shoots, a fundraiser frame build, supported the Boy Scout Small bore shoot and we repaired the pavilion roof at the pistol range on AGC Range day. We supported the Women on Target Program on Sunday April 24th and are having a Bust Fest and potluck club picnic on Saturday, April 30th.

Congratulations to our Juniors team who shot very well against the top shooters in the country at the Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs. Three of our Juniors: Sarah, Torrance and Claire competed in the Women’s Air Rifle Championships. They were among the top shooters among 194 competitors. Wynn won the Silver Medal in the Men’s Air Rifle Junior Olympic Championship for the 14 -17 year old.

Our club member Dave Dobbs has been very generous with his support of our Juniors team. Dave was a huge help with the Libby Match last year and has been instrumental in helping us get the political signs that we use for target frame backers for our Juniors fundraisers. Thanks to Dave and the Howard County Republican club for their generous donations and support to our Juniors program. Dave is running for a position as a convention delegate in Howard County. Please support Dave and help him collect the election signs that will be donated to our Juniors program fundraisers this upcoming week. We will be posting additional information on how we can help collecting these signs.

A big thanks to everyone who came out last weekend on the AGC Range Day to help repair the 20 foot section of the pavilion at the pistol range that was damaged by a falling tree. The existing rafters, roofing material, beams and metal posts were damaged. In 5 hours Arlington volunteers along with volunteers from other AGC clubs to replace the roof structure of the pistol range. A special thank you to Jim for bringing food out for the volunteers.

We are the most active club, because of our volunteers. I want to take everyone for donating your time for the Juniors Fundraisers, setting up, running and taking down our club events and your continued support of our daily operations. We could not possibly have the events we are able to put on without your generous support. Thanks to the generous donations our club members we have been able to order more steel targets for our clubs upcoming shoots.

A special thanks also goes out to Greenbelt Gun Club. Greenbelt has been a special friend to Arlington. They have provided generous support setting up the 3-gun shoots and have provided barriers and dump barrels for rifles and shotguns. Last weeks joint 3-gun shoot with Greenbelt was the best yet.

Have a great week!

AGC Range Day Sunday, April 17th

AGC Range Day is Sunday April 17th – Arlington will be one of the clubs working to repair the roof on the pistol range that was taken out by a tree. We will be getting started around 8:00 a.m.

If you can bring some tools, please bring: circular saws, hand saws, jig saws, drills, framing nail guns, crow bars and wrenches. The demolition should go quickly. Please bring gloves if you will be helping with the demolition to avoid splinters. We will pry off the old broken rafters, trim and metal roofing. We will need a team to do the demolition, a team to cut the rafters, a team to straighten out one of the poles using chain and the tractor, and a team to do the carpentry repairs.