Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club to Host 3-Gun Event, Saturday, March 5th

Saturday –March 5th9:00a.m.3:00 p.m. – 3 Gun Shooting Event

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting another 3 Gun Steel Event this Saturday from 0900-1500hrs. This is our most popular format event with barricades and plenty of steel to hit. The cost will be $10 for shooters and there will be food on site.  We’ll provide eats, so bring some cash for donations.

▪    Firearms: Semiautomatic AR type Rifle with 2 mags minimum (100 rounds minimum). Semiautomatic Pistol with 2 mags minimum (100 rounds minimum). Semi-auto or pump shotgun with bird shot only (25 rounds minimum)

▪    Gear: You will need a serviceable pistol holster and mag/ shell carriers of some sort. Combat style rifle sling recommended. Full coverage ballistic eye protection is required(plain, non ballistic, prescription glasses or sunglasses don’t count). Hearing protection of your choice. Be prepared for damp or wet ground by wearing appropriate footwear.

▪    Ammunition: .223/ 5.56 rounds for rifle only. No green tip, armor piercing or incendiary rounds. 9mm, 40SW, 45 ACP are the preferred rounds for pistol. No magnums. Bird shot/ target shot only for shotgun. Violators of the ammo rules will be asked to leave.

▪    Course of Fire: Shooters can expect to expend about 10 rounds of rifle ammo, 8-10 pistol rounds and 8 shotgun birdshot per course of fire. The target arrangement will be determined the morning of the match. There will be required movement between stages with firearms. Scoring will be based on the fastest time for hitting all the targets. There will be a penalty of +5 seconds to your raw time for every target missed. There will be some practice time on the individual stages so all may get more trigger time and less waiting around.

 Important notes:

The safety brief will begin around 0900-0915hrs. If you arrive late, you may not participate until briefed by the match RSO. This event is to test the mental, practical and tactical ability of shooters. Firearm and ammunition restrictions are there for your safety and to keep the playing field somewhat even while keeping the flow of the event moving along. So please no muskets, slingshots, bolt action, or flintlocks.

There will be an “intro to action pistol” class running on the same morning. The event is completely separate except for the class will be using the pistol portion of the 3-Gun steel from 0900-1000. The 3-Gun folks will use the rifle and shotgun portion until the pistol portion is available. It may seem a little confusing so don’t be afraid to ask questions.  See you there!

Frame Build/Frame Re-Fit – Please Help

ARP friends

We have the Lower Barnes Classroom scheduled for this SUNDAY, January 8th, not Saturday, in the morning from 9 til 1pm. Dave Boone will be heading up the effort to repair a number of frames we built last month and conduct a new frame build. Bring small flat pry bars.