Urgent, your help is needed for House Bill 1104 and Senate Bill 1074

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Please call your State Senators. We need your help to keep this bill from being passed into law.

House Bill 1104 Regulated Firearms Transfer, was passed with amendments that made it worse than the original bill.

We need your immediate action to help stop the Senate Version of the bill: SB 1074. The House Bill makes it illegal to loan a regulated firearm (i.e. pistol or AR) unless the person you are lending it to is in your actual presence.

In other words, you would be required to transfer the ownership of the gun to the person you are loaning it to through the Maryland State Police or Gun Shop (if they will agree to do so).

This would make firearms training next to impossible. Instructors would only be able to train one or two students at a time. Classes like Women On Target would be greatly affected. It would not be practical to have a bunch of men who owned rifles or pistols used for training women stand next to them while they are receiving instruction.

If the Senate agrees to pass this bill without changes, it will be very hard to do any firearms training.

You won’t be allowed to store guns in your house for neighbors who are going on vacation or having work done on their home.

No one in your family would be allowed to take your AR or pistol to the range to shoot, unless you were supervising them.

· Please call your state Senator AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and let them know that SB 1074 is a terrible bill that will punish honest gun owners. The House had a surprise vote. We need to contact our Senators and let them know before they vote on this bill.

Thank you,

Rob Cowan

President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

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