Benchrest League Starts Sunday

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Benchrest League Starts This Sunday

The Benchrest League kicks off its 2020 Season this Sunday at 11am on the Barnes Multi-Purpose Range. We use the dedicated Benchrests (lanes 91-100).

What’s Benchrest? It’s a very precise sport where individuals attempt to shoot 5 bullets into the smallest group possible (all in one hole). Winning scores in competition are determined by how well each competitor achieves this goal or in other words, how closely the shots are grouped. Shooters make use of a front and rear rest for their rifles, and the rests sit on a solid table or bench, hence the name "benchrest."

There are two types of competition; rimfire at 50 yards and centerfire at 100 yards. Individuals can compete in either event or both. Format for both events consists of shooting a five shot group at each of five targets. Monthly score is based on the shooters tightest group out of the five. End of year score/ranking is based on an average of the four best monthly scores.

Any safe rifle is allowed and ideally should be equipped with a scope of 32X or greater magnification. Additional equipment includes adjustable front rest and fixed/solid rear rest; sleds are not allowed.

Sound interesting? Contact Richard Durant at nabalab so he can get your name and email address.

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