Practical Pistol Course 22 March 2020


Date: Sunday 22 March 2020

Time: 0800hrs to 1600hrs

Location: Shooting Bay 6

Fee: $100

Seats Available: 10 (First come first served)

Practical Pistol: What is it? Isn’t all pistol shooting practical. The short answer is no. Standing static and shooting is very quickly being replaced by practical action shooting. Both competition and self-defense require movement with a firearm. Addressing all of the things going on in a dynamic scenario while under stress is what practical shooting is all about. This ARPC event serves a foundational beginning to one’s action shooting journey.

Target Audience: For AGC badge holders that are interested in learning and applying practical pistol skills. There has been an abundant interest by members to get into action shooting at the AGC. Currently, there has been no avenue for AGC Badge holders to acquire the correct skills in a safe manner to participate in action shooting. ARPC has a proven and safe curriculum derived from the popular “Carbine clinic” to address the practical pistol training need. This event is not for an individual that just learned how to shoot a pistol yesterday.

Requirements: Must be an AGC badge holder, possess a serviceable semi-auto pistol in 9mm, 40 or 45 cal, holster and three magazines. 350 rds of pistol ammunition minimum, full coverage eye protection, ear protection, and a good attitude. Participants should be comfortable with and operate safely the pistol of their choice.

Participants must be holster certified by the AGC. Arrangements may be made to perform the practical holster certification on the day of the event.

What to expect from the event: The event is 8 hours on the range with no classroom time. The practical skills taught are agnostic to self-defense or competition style shooting. We will cover the following high level areas:

Basic Marksmanship fundamentals and safety refresher

Holster and gear setup

Target selection and transitions

Magazine changes


Economy of motion

Shooter Mindset and planning

Basic moving and shooting

For more information or to reserve your seat, please send an email to

Reserved individuals will get an email with more detailed information.



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