More work to be done in Annapolis for the anti-gun bills

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

There are two bad bill hearings being held tomorrow, Thursday, Feburary 26 2020:

HB 910 – which would mainly affect those who are building thier own firearms at home. This has always been legal to do for your own use, but this bill would make the firearms that you built without a federally reconginzed serial number illegal. The Senate Version of this bill SB 958 does not yet have a hearing date posted.

HB 1257 – Places huge additional burdensome requrements on firearms dealers.

A good bill:

SB 881 – will reduce the requirement to demonstrate safe firearms handling. The key to this bill is elliminating the requirement to actually fire the firearm, (one shot). This requirement was added back in 2013. The consequence of the live fire requirement made it impossible for anyone living in Baltimore City to get training in the city, since there are no gun ranges in the city. City residents would have to travel outside Baltimore City to get trained.

Please read the following email. We need you to contact your legislators. If you can come to the hearing, call or email your representatives.

Thank you,

Rob Cowan
President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

P.S. HB 1261 The bill that would have added many firearms to the banned list and required a registration feel of $290, $580 then $1000 per firearm or you would be a felon was pulled. Your actions made a difference. Thank you!

Delegate Arikan is accepting your written testimony!

Maryland Shall Issue
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Submit Written Testimony or Speak in Person on 2/26 and 3/4!
Our efforts to promote and defend Marylanders’ rights to keep and bear arms continue this week in Annapolis and its is, as always, an uphill battle against those who care not a whit about your rights. Yet, we do have some good news! HB1261 ( has been withdrawn. That bill that would have banned the sale of virtually all guns with extended pistol grips or muzzle flash suppressors or other features like thumbhole stocks. We thank each and every one of you who voiced your concerns. In particular, we thank the clear-thinking members of the General Assembly who were instrumental in this withdrawal of HB 1261, including Del. Kipke, Del.Szeliga, Del. Cox and Del. Arikan, as well as others too numerous to name. The fight is hardly over, as there are still very bad bills out there that would leave gun owners vulnerable to prosecution and crazy regulations. Read up on them at We need your support!

Here’s what you can do:
1. Submit WRITTEN TESTIMONY to the committee considering the bill on how and why this legislation is wrong or how it will impact your life. Such written testimony can be submitted to the committee on the day of the hearing via a PDF file on a flash drive.
2. Go see your representatives in Annapolis or in their District Offices. This is essential.
3. Come to Annapolis to give VERBAL TESTIMONY to the committee considering the bill. Get to Annapolis between 9am-11:00am on the day of the hearing to sign up to speak.
Prepare a 90 second testimony of what you would like to say to the committee. Remember, be polite. If you don’t want to speak you can sign up and simply say “me too” when it’s your turn.
4. Send an email to Del. Arikan and include your Name and Address (so the delegates know if you are their constituent), your email address, the bill numbers and whether you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the bill. Send to Lauren.Arikan (mailto:Lauren.Arikan)
5. Do ALL Of The Above! Don’t rely on other guy to protect your rights!


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We are fighting for your rights, and we thank you for anything and everything you can do to help!

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