Bad Gun Bills for Maryland are being presented in Annapolis. Your action is needed!

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

This is year is the worst year for gun bills since I have been going to Annapolis. The House Bill 1261 will make almost any semiautomatic rifle and some pistols that were legally purchased in Maryland an assault weapon. The bill would require $290 registration per firearm for a few months, then the registration goes up to $580, then $1,000 per firearm. If you don’t register the firearm in that period of time, you would be breaking the law.

HB 636 and SB 646 are Gun Storage Bills that would criminalize if a minor could have unsupervised access to a loaded or unloaded gun. The addiition of the could possibly have access to unloaded firearm is what is being added by this bill. If this bill passes, at this time, there is an exception if a minor has their Hunter Safety certificate.

SB 958 and HB 910 Untraceable firearms.

HB910 SB 958 – Bans untraceable firearms

There are more bad bills and a few good bills on the Maryland Shall Issue Website.

You can make a difference by letting your representatives know you oppose these bills. Every year, our Maryland Legislators are lobbied by antigun activists to add more restrictions to legal gun owners and ban firearms that were legally purchased in Maryland. Your representatives need to hear from you or they will only hear from the antigun activists. PLEASE take action and contact your representatives!

I have attached the latest email I received from Maryland Shall Issue. Please go to the website.

Thank you,

Rob Cowan
President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

Here is the email I received from Maryland Shall Issue

Your testimony is needed in Annapolis.

Maryland Shall Issue
View this email in your browser (
As always, you can find these bills in MSI’s tracker at You can find your representatives at The below is a message from Delegate Lauren Arikan:

What can YOU do?

1. Submit WRITTEN TESTIMONY to the committee about why this legislation is wrong or how it will impact your life.

Include the following info. in your email:

A. Name
B. Address (so the delegates know if you are their constituent)
C. Email Address
D. The Bill #’s and OPPOSE ( You can send one email with all of the bills #’s on it)
E. Send to Lauren.Arikan (mailto:Lauren.Arikan) (or reply to this email)
F. You can also submit it to the committee on the day of the hearing but it will need to be a PDF file on a flash drive.

2. Come to Annapolis to give VERBAL TESTIMONY to the committee.

A. Get to Annapolis between 9am-11:00am on the day of the hearing to sign up to speak.
B. Prepare a 90 second testimony of what you would like to say to the committee. Remember, be polite!
C. If you don’t want to speak you can sign up and simply say “me too” when it’s your turn.

3. Or DO BOTH!

We need verbal testimony on several days – please come if you can or at least submit written testimony.
Please feel free to call or email me (mailto:Lauren.Arikan) with any questions.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Delegate Lauren Arikan
Deputy Minority Whip
District 7| Baltimore & Harford Counties
Maryland House of Delegates
6 Bladen St. Room 324
Annapolis, MD 21401
Office: 410-841-3334

The mentioned bills can be found at

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We are fighting for your rights, and we thank you for anything and everything you can do to help!

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