Update on the hearing for HB 4, SB 39 and SB55

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

I received a better analysis of the upcoming anti-gun bills in Annapolis from Maryland Shall Issue. Please read this. We will be a carpool leaving at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday from the East Lot of the Broken Land Parkway Park and Ride near Route 32. It is a short distance from Rt. 32 and I-95.

Please contact your State Delegate and State Senators office about these bills. We need a good showing at the hearings. Please come out and show your support.

Thank you,

Rob Cowan
President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

The first gun bills of the 2020 Legislative Session are being heard on Wednesday, 1/15

Maryland Shall Issue
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Gun Bill Hearings on 1/15 — Arrive Early to Sign Up for Testimony
Support Virginia Gun Owners
There is a lot happening. First, the Maryland Assembly has convened and the gun grabbers have wasted no time in pushing their agenda to criminalize innocent gun owners. Second, Virginia gun owners are likewise under attack in the Virginia legislature. For MSI members and others who reside in Virginia, it is urgent that you act to support grass organizations in Virginia to protect your rights. More on that below.

The Maryland General Assembly is off and running:

The first three gun bills of the 2020 Legislative Session are being heard in Annapolis this Wednesday, 1/15. MSI OPPOSES all three bills being heard that day. Not by accident, these bills are scheduled for the same day and same time in both the Senate and the House Committees, thereby making it as difficult as possible for individuals to testify on all three bills. We encourage all supporters of the right to keep and bear arms to be there to speak in opposition to these bills. ARRIVE EARLY. A copy of each of these bills can be found on the MSI Bill Tracker, along with other pertinent information. The Bill Tracker can be found here. (https://www.marylandshallissue.org/jmain/legislation-tracker/bill-tracker)

House Bill 4 (http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/hb0004?ys=2020RS) – House Judiciary 1pm – Sponsored by Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary (http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Members/Details/atterbeary01) (D. Howard County), this bill would criminalizes the private loan or transfer of long guns between two people. This is an horrendous bill that will criminalize innocent loans of ordinary long guns between law-abiding citizens. Our written testimony in opposition is currently posed here (https://www.marylandshallissue.org/jmain/documents/summary/4-public-documents/189-2020-mga-msi-testimony-on-hb4) . Your testimony on this bill is urgently necessary as this bill, if it becomes law, will turn thousands of gun owners into criminals for completely innocent loans of ordinary rifles and shotguns. Such a loan is punishable under this bill with FIVE YEARS imprisonment.

Senate Bill 39 (http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/sb0039?ys=2020RS) – Senate Judicial Proceedings 1pm – Sponsored by Senator Jeff Waldstreicher (http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Members/Details/waldstreicher1) (D. Montgomery County), this bill would criminalizes the possession of Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 rifles chambered in .223 and .300 Blackout retroactively to October 1, 2013. Offers no "grandfathering" or just compensation for the takings of those rifles. The bill is an utterly misinformed attempt to ban a rifle because a .223 pistol from the same manufacturer was used in a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. The irony is rich that this Anderson .223 pistol is already banned for sale in Maryland (it is not on the Handgun Roster), as is the Anderson AM-15 rifle (as it is deemed to be a copy of the Colt AR-15). The effect of the bill is thus to ban retroactively the Anderson .300BLK rifle even though that caliber rifle is almost never used in any crime.
You just can’t make this stuff up. Our written opposition to this bill is posted here. (https://www.marylandshallissue.org/jmain/legislation-tracker/198-2020-mdga-testimony-in-opposition-to-sb39)

Senate Bill 55 (http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Legislation/Details/sb0055?ys=2020RS) – Senate Budget and Taxation 1pm – Sponsored by Senator Ron Young (http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Members/Details/young) (D. Frederick County), this bill creates a fund for the purchasing of lawfully possessed "Assault Weapons" grandfathered by the Firearm Safety Act of 2013. This bill sets up a bureaucracy and requires the State to provide funding for a voluntary turn-in of so-called assault weapons (which the bill defines to include ordinary handguns). The bill would then mandate that the State either destroy the firearm or donate it to the military (as if the armed forces of the United States would have any interest in such civilian guns). It is a complete waste of taxpayer money. The bill seems to assume that gun owners will voluntarily sell guns to the State at a price set by government bureaucrats (rather than the fair market value of the firearm).

We strongly suggest that everyone arrive early to sign up to testify. Sign up begins at 9am and ends at noon. Be aware that there are new rules this year for submitting written testimony. Doing so requires submitting in person a PDF on a flash drive and one printed hard copy in the committee’s office. You can links to these new requirements on our bill tracking page here. (https://tinyurl.com/guns2020)

If you are testifying, remember to be respectful before the lawmakers. Educate them. Speak from your personal experiences and knowledge. They need to be aware that these bills would make criminals of you and countless other Marylanders.

If you’re unable to be there personally, there will be other opportunities this session to testify. We are very early in session and more bills will be submitted over the next month. Additionally, you can schedule a meeting with your legislators, either in Annapolis or in their district offices, to make them aware of your concerns. Writing letters and making phone calls to them is also effective. You can find your representatives by plugging in your address HERE (https://maryland.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=177afa87a67746a4ac5496b2d0897fb7) . Please make every effort to contact your Senator and Delegates and let them know you you feel about these bills. In particular, if you are a constituent of any of these sponsors, you should make a special effort to communicate your views to them. Sitting on the sidelines will simply make it easier for these bills to become law.

For further details on these bills, and all those coming this session, be sure to bookmark and share tinyurl.com/guns2020. MSI will post its testimony as it becomes available.

And so is the Virginia legislature:

Virginia gun owners are under legal threat like never before. Governor Northam is backing eight bills, including a ban so-called assault weapons (one feature is sufficient), a ban on so-called high-capacity magazines, and a ban on bump stocks and silencers. He would require background checks on all firearms sales and transfers (including private sales of ordinary long guns), cap handgun purchases at one per month and create a “red flag law" (a.k.a. a gun confiscation law). The Virginia Civil Defense League ("VCDL") and other grass roots organizations have organized a massive rally on January 20, 2020, in Richmond. The details can be found here. (https://www.vcdl.org/event-3647199 ) We fully support the efforts of the VCDL to return sanity to Virginia.

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  1. blairshawjr@verizon.net says:

    Thanks Guys…..I’ll write letters to my REPS and I have already given copies of these 3 bills to my neighbors to respond  as well and they alreday have done so this week. Good Luck to you on Wednesday. Jimbo

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