2 Gun Fun Shoot, Saturday 28 December


I hope everyone had a Merry Holiday and got lots of presents from Santa. We will be conducting a 2 Gun practical fun shoot this Saturday from 0900 to 1300ish hrs. I’ll be at the club shed around 0800 to grab targets. We will be setting up 2 bays and have a few courses of fire for you to knock off the dust. This will be an informal event. No registration required. However, the safety brief will be at 0900. Everyone requires a safety brief or you won’t be allow to participate. Full coverage eye protection is required and non negotiable. Poly carbonate and/or glass prescription eye wear does not provide adequate frontal or side impact protection. Bring your favorite ear protection. Weather looks to be dry and in the 50’s for Saturday.

Bring your cased firearms to the bays or load your shooting carts at your car. Park anywhere in the gravel across from the shooting bays.

AR rifle in .223 or 5.56 only (no green tip, tracer, or armor piercing ammo. Bi-metal ammo is ok)
Semi-auto pistol in 9, 40, or 45
Plan to run the stages multiple times. Each stage is about 10 -15 rifle rounds and 30 pistol rounds.

Holster with mag holders of some sort (no dump tables for pistols) Rifle Sling required (no dump barrels for rifles)
2 mags per gun minimum
Gloves to move steel

If anyone needs the practical portion of the AGC holster cert, we will be able to conduct that as well during or at the end of the event depending on how many folks attend.


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