Silent Night Shoot – 12/18/19 @ 6PM

Don’t forget Wednesday, 12/18/19 is Arlington’s Silent Night Shoot from 6PM to 9PM on the Barnes Multi-Purpose Range. Please meet at the ARPC shed to help setup @ 5:30. Targets will be placed at 15, 53, and 100y allowing members to shoot pistols, PCCs, rifles, and shotguns as long as there’s a silencer on it. Subsonic ammo is not required but encouraged. This event is for surpressed firearms only and targets will be illuminated, NVG and thermal are not necessary but if you’ve got em bring them to show off!

If you don’t have a silencer bring some ammo! This event is open to badged AGC members only.

Hope to see you at the range.

– Brian

One Response to Silent Night Shoot – 12/18/19 @ 6PM

  1. Patrick Hylant says:

    Do we want to try and silent night vision shoot on the 200? I can run it.



    (443) 454-8649

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