2 Gun Action Event, Saturday 23 November 0900-1300hrs


ARPC will be hosting 2 Gun (Rifle/ Pistol ) Event on Saturday, 23 Nov from 0900 to 1300 on the shooting bays. There is no pre-registration required. However, we will be giving the safety brief at 0900. No safety brief equals no shooting. This event is great practice for competitors and for new action shooters to gain proficiency.

What you need:
AR rifle (.223 or 5.56) with sling and two mags minimum
Semi auto pistol (9, 40 or 45) two mags minimum
Holster and mag carriers
Ammunition: no magnum, tracer, incendiary, or armor piercing (Steel cased Tula OK)
Full coverage eye protection mandatory. Non ballistic prescription glasses do not count.
Ear Protection

The weather forecast as of today is for rain on Saturday. Depending on the weather we may cancel. I will be sending a cancellation notice on Friday through the club email if we do cancel. Please email me with your questions.



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