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For some reason, our website will not allow us to post a full email address in the email content to our members. It always cuts off the domain name. The club website has board member contact links on the main page. They are all gmail domain email addresses. So if you see one that says "arlingtonrpc.executiveofficer" and there is no domain name in the email post, just add the gmail to the end so you can use it in your email. It is something with the wordpress website. Sorry for the inconvenience. Any club member that is website savvy and would like to volunteer to help setup a quality website, please contact one of the board members.



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  1. teemus43 says:


    I do have some experience with web sites and I used to be both the Arlington webmaster and the AGC webmaster. Ask Rob why I resigned that post. He knows all about it.

    However, there is a way to include emails in a manner so that the HTML stack editor (i.e. WordPress or Adobe Dreamweaver, the one I use for my business web site) will not interfere with it. Here is one such example. I made up some fictitious email addresses and included them here:

    Even though I am not using an HTML stack editor to compose this email, I did namage to include these emails but with no problems. The reason why is that the 3 emails above are in a graphic image and, as such, cannot be clicked on to use as an email address nor will they be recognized by the HTML stack editor as anything other than a graphic image. It cannot tell the difference between an image of a rabbit, a duck, or the text shown here.

    Therefore, all that one needs to do is to create such an image. This can be done in any number of ways. You could:

    1. Open Windows Paint and select the text tool then type in your desired text. Then use the File>Save As… tool in Paint and save the graphic image to be pasted on your web site or wherever you want to use it. 2. Open the Windows Notepad accessory as I did in this case, create your text, then open the Windows Snipping tool (also found in the Windows Accessories menu), Create a new Snip by left clicking and then dragging a marque box around the text to select it, then left click on Copy on the Snipping Tool menu bar to copy the image to your Clipboard, then open your target document in it’s application, and Paste the image into that document. 3. Create your document in your favorite word processor, with all of the names, titles, and email addresses in it and save the document and close the word processor. Then open a full version of Adobe Acrobat (something that I have on my computer) and use the tools found in Acrobat to create a new PDF from your word processing document. That PDF then can be posted to your web site, or attached as an attachment to your newsletter, and then opened (or saved for that matter) by the recipient on their computer where they can read/print the PDF at will.

    If you want to create such a document and send it to me, I will be happy to convert it to a PDF and send that PDF back to you.

    By the way, I do NOT use WordPress but I am forced to deal with it on our church’s web site. When I heard that the new ARPC web masters were going to use WordPress I knew that I wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. I do have some old copies of the Arlington web site that I created with Dreamweaver and the club newsletter that I used to produce using Adobe InDesign if you or anyone else wants to see and/or use them. You can check out my business web site if you are interested in seeing it by looking at https:\\

    Tim Frost

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