AGC Action Shooting and Facility Policy Approved!


Great news! Last night at the AGC Trustee meeting, both the Action Shooting and Facility use policy were approved. What does this mean for you? ARPC action events, such as Tuesday Night Steel and 3 Gun events, may have guest attendance once again. After many hours with the core action shooting subject matter experts, the RSSOP and EXCOM, we were able to draft a sensible policy that mitigates risk and allows AGC clubs and the AGC action shooting committee to execute safe but fun events. The trustees saw the value in such policies and approved them. It also guides the AGC RSO’s in the proper rules for action shooting where the general range safety rules may not apply. Keep an eye out for it on the Range rules link at the AGC website. ARPC has been living the proposed policies for a few months now as best practice before policy approval. The nice thing is we don’t really have to change much to how we conduct actions events and we get to have guests again. Thanks to all that had a hand in making this happen.


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