Arlington Benchrest League

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Richard Durant is starting a Benchrest League for Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club. Please see his message below.

Thank you,

Rob Cowan
President, Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

Subject: Arlington Benchrest League

Back in early June I announced the formation of a Benchrest League for Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club. Benchrest shooting is a very popular sport that caters to all genders and ages. It simply involves firing five shots at a paper target and seeing how closely you can group the shots. It’s like trying to get five shots in that elusive 10x ring. Scoring is based on the distance between the farthest shots, point score, or a combination of both.

By virtue of a stable bench and solid front / rear rifle rests, the sport of benchrest promotes the accuracy we all aspire to achieve and almost instantly makes every shooter a better shot. With training and concentration on fundamentals, it allows one to squeeze every bit of accuracy from a rifle.

For this year:

· An organizational / get-acquainted meeting will be held at noon on Saturday, July 27th, at Players Bar & Grill,10795 Birmingham Way #15, Woodstock, MD 21163. It’s located near the Howard County Landfill up in the Waverly Shopping Center. We’ll start with lunch.

· We will have practice shoots on Sunday August 11th, September 15th and October 13th from noon till 3pm utilizing the benchrests located on the far right of the Barnes Multi-Purpose Range.

For next year (2020):

· We will shoot from March through October on the third Sunday of the month. June and September are exceptions where we are scheduled for the second Sunday.

· March will be a practice month followed by seven months of competition.

· Time will be from noon till 3pm and we will be using the benchrests located on the far right of the Barnes Multi-Purpose Range.

If you are interested in participating in the Benchrest League please contact Richard Durant immediately at He’d like to have your name so he can look for you at the upcoming organizational meeting.

4 July, 2019 17:56

Gander Outdoors continues to offer great prices on their shotgun ammo. It looks like their Remington Gun Club Target Loads are going to remain at $4.99 per box. They are currently on backorder but should be available around 1 August.

This email is directed to shooters that prefer Federal Top Gun ammo over Remington Gun Club. Gander Outdoors has the Federal Top Gun Target Loads on sale, for a limited time, at $5.49 per box (regular price $6.49). But wait, you’ll be eligible for a $5 rebate from Federal for every 10 boxes ordered (1 case). That brings your actual cost down to $4.99 a box. As always, shipping to your home is free for orders over $49 (for members) or $99 (for nonmembers). Plus there is no sales tax.

Richard 😊

Steel Plate Plate Pistol Shoot and Range Walk Through Sunday 7/7/19

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

We are having a Club Steel Plate Pistol Shoot on the pistol range from 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 7th. This is a very popular event. We put steel plates out at various distances for our club members to shoot. No steel badge is required to participate, since this is a club event.

No magnum rounds are allowed.

Please come to the club shed and pistol range to help us set up the ranger around 8:15 a.m.

The ARPC VP will be hosting a range walk-through for any members and prospective members after Sunday’s pistol shoot. Please RSVP to [mailto:arlingtonrpc.vicepresident] or on Facebook I will meet anyone who requires a walk-through at the 50y Pistol Range on Sunday July 7th @ 2PM after the conclusion of the pistol shoot. Please feel free to come early to enjoy the pistol shoot.

(An AGC range walk-through is required before any member can purchase a new AGC range badge, it will take approximately 1hr. Please dress accordingly for the weather, boots are highly encouraged as the ranges have been muddy. Eye and ear protection are required if you do not have any please let me know and I will have some available.)

9 July TNS and Hesco work days


There will be no TNS shooting event on 9 July. However, We will be having a Hesco workday to install the 3 foot barriers on the current 7 foot barriers. In addition, Thursday 11 July and the subsequent weekend

will be workdays as well.

Rick Hensley, ARPC member and AGC action shooting, has point on this effort. The AGC action shooting website has more information. We are asking for able bodied volunteers that are interested in range badge credit and want to help us finish this project. We are almost there and Arlington has always been the tip of the spear when it comes to volunteer work for the AGC.

Thanks in advance