Theft on AGC property


There was a car broken into Sunday 28 July at the 200yd range parking lot. That area is technically state property. The victim’s car had the drivers rear window broken. A bag with credit cards, money and I.D. were stolen. The phone was thrown by another car in the lot. The victim completed the target sprint with the ARPC juniors, returned some gear to her car only to return back to the 200 yd range for trophy presentations. About 30 minutes passed, she returned to her vehicle and found things stolen.

We ask that members be vigilant and keep things out of sight within their locked cars whenever possible no matter where parked on the property. Thieves ignore private property signs just as criminals ignore gun laws. This was an unfortunate event today. The police arrived 2 hours after being called. Not sure how the AGC plans to mitigate this through possible surveillance cameras, fences or what.


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    Thanks Paul….sorry to hear this but the possibilities are always real and just a moment away. Here come the cameras and security guards,etc………sooner or later I fear. Hope I’m wrong. Jimbo  

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