Saturday 27 July ARPC 3 Gun Event


We will be having a 3 Gun event open to AGC members on Saturday 0900 to 1400hrs on the AGC action bays. Open to all AGC range badge holders only. No guests are allowed to participate in action events currently while new action policies are being approved.

Parking: You may park along the paved road in front by the shooting bays, around memorial hall and at the 200yd rang parking area. No parking on the bays themselves except for support vehicle as there is new grass seed just put down.

Do bring your firearms cased to the bay area from your cars before uncasing. You may use carts. Uncased firearms not carried on body must be actions open, ECI inserted and on safe. More details info will be given at the safety brief.

Bring $10 for the event to support the club steel fund. Sorry, no food will be provided at this event so plan accordingly.

Guns: AR15 (sling if you have it) in .223 or 5.56

Semi auto pistol 9, 40 or 45

Shotgun of choice with bird shot/target load only (No slugs needed)

Gear: gun belt, holster, mag holders, at least two mags for each gun, full coverage eye pro (mandatory) and ear pro

Ammo: No armor piercing penetrator ammo. Steel case ammo/ bi-metal is OK

Load out is at 0800 at the club shed. The only safety brief is at 0900. No safety brief and you will not be able to participate.

Hope to see you there!


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