4 July, 2019 17:56

Gander Outdoors continues to offer great prices on their shotgun ammo. It looks like their Remington Gun Club Target Loads are going to remain at $4.99 per box. They are currently on backorder but should be available around 1 August.

This email is directed to shooters that prefer Federal Top Gun ammo over Remington Gun Club. Gander Outdoors has the Federal Top Gun Target Loads on sale, for a limited time, at $5.49 per box (regular price $6.49). But wait, you’ll be eligible for a $5 rebate from Federal for every 10 boxes ordered (1 case). That brings your actual cost down to $4.99 a box. As always, shipping to your home is free for orders over $49 (for members) or $99 (for nonmembers). Plus there is no sales tax.

Richard 😊

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