ARPC Trap League Announcement

ARPC sponsored Saturday Evening Trap League

The first competitive event for the Saturday Evening Trap League is coming up this weekend (May 4th). The League is proving to be very popular. Currently they have a roster of 31 individuals representing twelve different AGC clubs. There’s room for more so I would encourage all trap enthusiasts, novice or expert, to join in.

The League is handicapped by virtue of the Lewis Class Scoring System which will be used to assign end-of-year awards. As such, individuals are competing against others of similar ability.

If you want to participate, contact Richard Durant at so he can get your name on the check-in list and get your name badge printed.

Specifics are:

  • only AGC card holders, or immediate family members thereof (i.e. wife, son or daughter), and active Junior members of an AGC affiliated club will be allowed to compete

  • any safe shotgun may be utilized and ammo must comply to AGC standards (i.e. 1200 fps max muzzle velocity; #7½, 8 or 9 shot)

  • the League competes on the first Saturday of each and every month from May through October (6 events)

  • check-in is on Trap #3 at 5:15pm and shooting begins at 6pm

  • the course of fire each month consists of two rounds of trap and your total number of hits constitute your monthly score

  • your end-of-season score will be the total of your four best monthly scores

  • monthly costs, to cover the birds, are $8 for AGC members, $12 for immediate family members, and $6 for Juniors (trap tickets will be accepted)

  • there is a onetime $15 entry fee that goes into a prize fund

  • end-of-year awards will be given out based on the Lewis Class scoring system; the rule of ‘one class for every six shooters’ will prevail

  • 1st and 2nd place prizes will be awarded in each class (have roughly a one in three chance of winning)

  • a shooter will be allowed to enter the League at any time, but must compete a minimum of four months to be eligible for end-of-year awards

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