Action Shooting event Saturday 23 March 0900-1200hrs


In lieu of the Berm work weekend cancellation, we can have a small 2 Gun event near Lane 2 of the Action Range as we did last month. There is a little bit of grass in that area. I know this is last minute but we can at least get a few rounds down range as a consolation for not working on the barriers. The movement during the event will be limited to keep things safe.
Bring an AR or AR type rifle in 223 or 5.56, semi auto pistol 9,40,or 45 (No AK’s, Muskets, bolt action or guns that wish they were an AR but are not)

You may wear a sling for this event. Dress weather appropriate and don’t forget your shooting gear (belt, holster, mag holders, etc)

The berm area may not support a lot of parking so be mindful as you may need to park in the lot by the 200yd range.

I’ll be at the club shed at around 0800 to grab steel and setup if anyone wants to come out and help set up.


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