Your action is needed to defeat these Second Amendment infringement bills before they become laws in Maryland.

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

I’m pasting this notice from Maryland Shall Issue about how YOUR ACTION is needed NOW to stop these bills. Our Maryland Legislators need to hear from the honest citizens of Maryland, instead of antigun activists funded by a New York Billionaire. Please email your Maryland Legislators and let them know you are opposed to these bills. Every year certain Maryland Legislators try to take away our Second Amendment rights. If we don’t let our legislators know we are opposed to these bills, they will eventually ban firearms completely.

As citizens we need to participate in the Legislative process and let our representatives know our positions. Please email, write or call them. More details are listed below:

Thank you,


Contact your Delegates and urge them to vote against HB786 and HB740.

Maryland Shall Issue
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House Moves on Gun Control — YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW!
The House Judiciary Committee has amended and voted favorably on HB786 – "Public Safety – Rifles and Shotguns – Transactions" ( and HB740 "Criminal Law – Computer-Aided Fabrication and Serial Number (3-D Printed Firearms)." ( This means that both bills move for votes before the entire House of Delegates. Urge your Delegates to vote "Nay" on both of these bills as they still criminalize behaviors you or someone you know do!

You can find and contact your Delegates with this tool from the Legislature’s website (

HB786 was amended to remove the licensing and registration requirements, but it still criminalizes private transfers and even loans of long guns. All such transfers would need to go through a dealer which is something they still cannot legally perform and even if they did, the cost is entirely up to them.

HB740 still criminalizes possession of homemade firearms, albeit those made with a "computer-aided fabrication device" without a serial number created by a federally licensed manufacturer or importer. What’s worse is the bill’s effective date has been sped up to July 1st, instead of the usual October 1st. Make no mistake, when you hear, "No one is trying to take your guns," this is very much literally that. It’s not clear in the bill when that manufacture starts, so it’s still perceivable that most common homemade guns could still be illegal to possess, no matter how the owner made it.

Frequently Asked Questions on the bills (

This year marks an unprecedented attack on law-abiding gun owners in Maryland. The Maryland General Assembly has put forth a series of egregious bills this session and we ask you to plea ( se consider renewing your membership ( to help us continue to fight the egregious attacks on your rights. Not a member yet? Join us! ( Want to help? Donate! (

If all of the anti-gun laws introduced thus far in this session are passed, here is what you have to look forward to:
* Ban on purchasing any long gun firearm without first obtaining a license from the State Police, including paying fees, submitting fingerprints and obtaining formal training
* Ban on obtaining any long gun without first waiting 7 days
* Ban on private sales and loans of long guns
* Ban on purchasing more than one long gun a month
* Ban on mere possession of any Colt HBAR AR-15 and similar heavy-barrel rifles
* Ban of any payment method other than credit cards for permit applications
* Ban on handgun rentals
* Ban on lending handguns or regulated firearms to anyone, including your spouse or family member, no matter how temporary the loan
* Ban on anyone in your house having access to your guns
* Ban on the manufacture of any firearm by an individual
* Ban on the possession of any homemade firearm
* The elimination of the Handgun Permit Review Board

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We are fighting for your rights, and we thank you for anything and everything you can do to help!

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