Please email your representatives about HB 786 and SB 737

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Unfortunately, the House has moved forward with new language in HB 786 which is cross filed as SB 737 prohibiting the loan of firearms. This would have an adverse effect on our club and other clubs who own firearms that their club members. It is especially harmful to our Juniors Program. We loan small bore rifles to club members who are the Juniors parents to enable them to bring their Junior to the range for additional independent practice. These rifles are very expensive and parents would not be likely to purchase an expensive rifle for their Junior to try the sport. We have an extremely successful Juniors rifle program, because of how our program operates. We have Juniors who have received rifle scholarships to college and participate in the Junior Olympics in Colorado Springs. These bills would bring our program and others like it to an end and extinguish the dreams of young men and women of getting a college scholarship.

This bill prohibits the loan of rifles and shotguns. Statistically speaking very few crimes are ever committed with a rifle or shotgun. It would be statistically zero for a crime to be committed with a single shot bolt action .22 target rifle.

Please go to the AGC legislative link to email your representative and let them know that House Bill 786 and SB 737 are harmful to our young athletes:

Thank you,


Email from John Josselyn,

Under the new language of HB 786 a Club will not be able to simply loan firearms. They will have to be standing with the competitor for the duration of the time the competitor has the firearms or transfer ownership via an FFL to the team member borrowing the firearm. The Club will no longer own the firearm.

HB 786 is cross-filed with SB 737


John H. Josselyn

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2 Responses to Please email your representatives about HB 786 and SB 737

  1. Gary Mendenhall says:


    The issue is not whether a single-shot target rifle is ever used in a crime or not. This has nothing to do with crime prevention.

    The issue is that they want to ban ownership of firearms, ALL firearms, EVERY firearm, period, because they are afraid we might just use them against them someday when the chains begin to get too heavy to bear. And next, they will be confiscating firearms, by force if necessary; mark my words, that is where this is going; it is only a question of time.

    Gary Mendenhall

  2. Gary Mendenhall says:


    I would like to think that John knows that a “club” cannot own a firearm now.

    I cannot wait to get out of the People’s Republic of Merryland. I hope I make it out before they decide to prohibit interstate travel or ban you from leaving the state because of the lost tax revenue. I’m somewhat surprised that New York hasn’t done that already. Oh, they would be violating my Constitutional rights? So what? They don’t care about that any more either because they think they can do it with impunity, and sadly, I think they are correct. Okay folks, we’re transporting you to really nice place. Just step up into that cattle car and we’ll be on our way. Women and children to the left, men and boys to the right.

    Gary Mendenhall

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