Action Shooting Berm work day and Cancellation of 23 March 3Gun


We will be having two berm work days 23 and 24 March, Saturday and Sunday, 8am until complete. Dust off your shovels, stretch them muscles and find that bottle of Motrin. We will be setting up Hesco barriers, assisting the heavy equipment in filling and stabilizing the filled barriers by jumping in between bucket loads and pushing dirt to the corners. There will be an excavator and other heavy equipment on hand to get the heavy work done. Request you bring your own shovel and 8ft ladder if you have one. It can be strenuous work and we ask that you come prepared for a fair amount of manual labor. "Able body" personnel please. We know we have members with big hearts but if you are broken, can’t climb a ladder and use a shovel, we would rather you abstain from the event. We don’t want anyone getting hurt by working outside their body’s ability.

You will get volunteer hours for your work on the berm to offset your range badge fee for next year. AGC will be providing lunch and water.

As a result of the berm work, our ARPC 3 Gun event will be cancelled for the 23rd.

Of course, mother nature could throw us a curve. So please keep an eye out for subsequent announcements regarding weather cancellations.



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