Saturday 23 March Action Shooting Event


We will be having an Action shooting event Saturday 23 March from 0900 to about 1430hrs on the action shooting range. This will be a two gun rifle and pistol only event.

Meet at the club shed for target load out at 0900
Safety brief will be at 0930. Nobody shoots without a safety brief.
We will not stop the event to perform briefs for latecomers.

AR 15 with .223 or 5.56 and two mags
Semiauto pistol 9, 40, 45 and two mags

No armor piercing ammo.

Bring a holster rig with mag holders for rifle and pistol.

Full coverage eye pro and ear pro are required.

You will be utilizing your safeties on your firearms when you don’t have a sight picture.

Round count will be low. About 10-12 rifle and 12 -15 pistol rounds per run.

Bring your sling if you have one.

If you need the practical test for Holster cert, do your test online and print your training sheet so I can sign it if you pass.

The grounds will be mushy for sure after all the weather this week. We will keep the movement to a minimum to reduce slipping risk on the wet ground.


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