House Bill 612 would ban HBAR rifles purchased after 2013. SB 737 would require Long Gun Qualification License to own a long gun.

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

This year could be worse than 2013 for Maryland Gun owners. Legally purchased HBAR rifles that were purchased after October 1, 2013, would have to be disposed of if SB 612 passes. SB 737 would require everyone to get a Long Gun Qualification License (LGQL). There are other bills that are just as bad that are being submitted by the Maryland General Assembly. I sent out an email earlier today that had the summary of bills from Maryland Shall Issue (MSI). Please go to the links on that email to follow what is going on and learn how we can express our opposition to these bills.

I encourage everyone to participate this year, by writing emails, calling and visiting your representatives and coming to the hearings in Annapolis.

Thank you,


Maryland: 2019 Legislative Session Begins with a Slew of Anti-Gun Bills Introduced

With the 2019 Maryland Legislative Session underway, gun control groups have made the General Assembly a target for their anti-gun agenda. NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters will need to stay plugged-in because this session is going to be a fight! While numerous bills of concern have been introduced, the following measures require extra attention:

Senate Bill 737, sponsored by Senator Susan Lee, would create “Long Gun Qualification Licenses (LGQL).” Similar to Handgun Qualification Licenses, SB 737 wants to impose the same unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles on purchasing a long gun that Maryland requires for purchasing a pistol. Further, those seeking an LGQL would have to attend 4 hours of training and fingerprinting from the State Police and still have to wait 7 days before acquiring a long gun from a dealer. Scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on January 27th.

House Bill 612, sponsored by Delegate Julian Ivey, would place popular Colt AR-15 H-BAR rifles on the list of “Regulated Firearms” in Maryland. However, only those rifles owned before October 1, 2013 would be grandfathered into law. Those who purchased or took possession of all other H-BAR rifles after that date would need to remove these firearms from their possession. Scheduled to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on January 25th.

These two bills are only a few of the measures included on the laundry list of anti-gun bills to hit the General Assembly this year. Stay-tuned to NRA-ILA and our alerts for updates when information and hearings are scheduled.

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