Saturday 26 Jan 2019 Action shooting 0900-1200


We are on the AGC calendar for the new shooting bays on Saturday 26 Jan. The bays are not complete but I know there are some of you that want to do a little something action shooting related. I will be at the club shed at 0900 hrs to load out some steel and stuff. It will be rifle and pistol only. Bring your normal shooting rig for 3 gun minus the shotgun stuff. We will setup something simple and fast under the timer to keep things moving. It will be chilly and the ground will be muddy. We won’t be running around much due to safety concerns with the ground conditions. We will be shutting down around 1200. No food will be provided for this event. Safety Brief is mandatory and will be held around 0930. Not 1030 or 1130hrs.

What you need:
AR 15 in .223/ 5.56
Semiauto Pistol in 9, 40 or 45
Holster (if you are certified)
Two mags for each gun minimum
No green tip, tracers, M855 or penetrator ammo. Steel case Russian ammo is fine.
Full coverage eye protection mandatory
Ear protection
Mag pouches or carriers
Rifle sling if you got one
Weather appropriate footwear and clothing
Range chair so you won’t have to sit in the mud.

See you there


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