Beginner Carbine Clinic in March 2019


The club is putting together a beginner carbine clinic for March on or about the 30th. Who qualifies? If you shoot already but want to get some practical minded carbine and pistol experience, this might be your ticket. If you have never shot before, we recommend you get more static flat range experience and build some very basic ability to operate AR controls and trigger time.

If you are interested and want more details, please let us know by emailing the XO email address on the ARPC club website. I am sure there are a lot of questions. Those interested will be emailed the event bulletin directly. We have had intermediate and advanced events already and we needed to grow the population of trained and proficient shooters in the AGC. This event is only open to ARPC and AGC members. Those that have attended previous carbine events will tell you how much they enjoyed learning the practical side of shooting. The purpose of this event is to serve the shooter in any situation. Both competition and the zombie apocalypse .There will be only 15 seats. They go quickly. Once I get your email through the XO email address, I’ll lock you in.


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