Hesco Berm Work Weekend


I have been informed that the weekend of December 15th is going to be a Hesco barrier work weekend. Yes, you heard it correctly. Both Saturday and Sunday 0800 to the end of the day, each day. The goal is to get barrier 4 installed in its entirety and the 3 foot top barriers installed on as many of the completed 7ft tall barriers as possible in two days.

The AGC will have everything prepped as usual. They are renting an excavator this time around because it will be needed to fill the 3ft barriers on top of the 7ft ones already filled.

Once again, we are looking for able bodied (not broken) and motivated individuals to stand up barriers as well as hop in and out of barriers to move dirt to the corners between loads from the heavy machinery. I have to apologize in advance if any of your muscles get used and for the slight soreness the following day. Please bring your favorite shovel, gloves and anything to make yourself comfortable to get the job done. Lunch will be provided by the AGC and you will get range badge credits.

This will be our last push for work on the barriers before the spring hits. Hopefully the weather will hold. Thanks in advance for your support.


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