Club members with pickup trucks are needed for this weekend!!!

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Howard County Executive, Allan Kittleman has agreed to donate his used political signs to our Juniors. There are a lot of them and we desperately need them for our Juniors fundraiser program. I need help this weekend to pick them up from the Kittleman’s farm in Howard County. It isn’t too far from the AGC range. We need a lot of helping hands and people with pickups to help move the backboards. We have a frame build scheduled for Saturday morning at our club shed. If anyone can help me get them around noon on Saturday or on Monday, Veterans Day, I would be very grateful! We don’t want to loose out on this opportunity.

Thank you,


3 Responses to Club members with pickup trucks are needed for this weekend!!!

  1. Robert Small says:

    I still have a ton of them from the 2012 election in my basement.


  2. Nic. Carvell says:

    I can help Friday afternoon or Saturday pending burm work.

  3. Bob Seipel says:


    I am out of town this weekend or I would bring my big van. Sorry.

    Priority of course is to AR&P juniors, but if there is any excess the 4H club could use some materials for target frames.


    Bob Seipel



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