Berm Update


Situation: Two of the Hesco barrier walls are built so far. The AGC is renting a four wheel bucket loader for the month. We are trying to capitalize on the rental time to keep costs down. It is cheaper to keep the loader for a month than rent by the week. For those that have been out there filling barriers, you can attest to how much more efficient the large loader performed.

The AGC (Lee and James) is working to get lane 4 cut and leveled with the dozer this week, drain pipes installed and pallets of barriers placed for a possible work day this Saturday. We are also working to get more dirt. If the stars align, I should be able to send out a notification on Thursday for a Saturday berm work day.

With so many points of failure to plan for such an event, I would like to say thanks for your patience in the last minute notifications and to those that can and have participated. You have been a part of the largest volunteer workforce project in cost, size and scope at the AGC.

More to follow


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