Berm Work this Weekend


We are planning to setup the Hesco barriers on lane 5 this Saturday. Requesting help from able bodied members that can climb in and out of barrier to move dirt to the corners after loader dumps a few bucket loads. It will be a full day of work. Please bring your favorite gloves, shovel and an 8ft ladder I you own one, Once again, you will get range badge credit for hours worked.

Plan on getting your boots very muddy. Recommend you also not wear nice clothing. There will be a weather call on Friday if we need to cancel. I am told there will be an additional piece of heavy machinery to load dirt faster this time around. If you want to see your XO’s head explode, ask him a ton of irrelevant questions during the work day.



2 Responses to Berm Work this Weekend

  1. Todd Souder says:

    So can I come up for just a few hours In The morning? My kids are too busy for me to give up a whole day but I want to help.

    Todd Souder

  2. says:

    Thanks Paul……….I will try to make it…weather permitting  Jimbo  

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