This Saturday Berm Work


I know this is a last minute call for help but there are many moving parts that are crucial and are out of our control to get this work done. We have the heavy equipment loader with operator laid on for this Saturday at 0900hrs.

We request help from physically able bodies that can climb in and out of the 7 ft tall barriers to tamp the dirt as well as folks that can manually remove trash from the fill dirt as it is moved around by the loader.

We are planning for a full day of work. Word is that we will order pizza. Bring your own water and pain meds as needed. Bring your favorite shovel. I have to recheck but the EVP should be granting AGC volunteer hours for your efforts.

We don’t need any more foremans or site leads. We have enough of those already. We appreciate anyone that can make it even if it is only for a few hours.

The goal is to get one row barrier up to bisect the range in one day. The dirt is the issue with all the trash in it and is what is making this job so difficult. Normally, you could get the whole range done in a week if we had clean sand or fill dirt with a loader. This trashy dirt was free. We will make the best of it.

Hope to see you there


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