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Below is a copy of the AGC Action Shooting email that is going out. Please send your questions to the email at the bottom.

Volunteers needed next weekend (8,9 Sep) to help install the Hesco Barriers for the new ACTION BAYS

Great News ! The Hesco barriers have arrived and we are expecting lots of dirt to be delivered this coming week. If the dirt arrives as scheduled and weather permitting we need lots of help with the barrier install.

We will install as many barriers as possible based on the dirt supply and weather.

AGC will have a Wheel loader on site to load the HESCO barriers with dirt. The dirt needs to be moved around once dumped into the barriers and we need to fill the corners and tamp it every 18 inches or so. This is very physical work climbing in and out of the barriers and tamping the dirt. All volunteer help is appreciated but please make sure you are physically capable of this type of work before volunteering. We plan on starting early on Saturday and Sunday mornings and working a long day. Having many volunteers will help with breaks and alternate working the dirt and tamping operation.

We could also use some additional volunteers to just help out with drinks and food for the crew.

If you are an "Action Shooter" of any discipline, plan on using the fields in the future, or would like to help, please email us at actionadmin and let us know your availability.

In addition you can earn RANGE BADGE CREDITS for your time. 40 hours of volunteer work will get you a FREE RANGE BADGE.

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