ARPC 3 Gun event, Sunday 22 July 2018


We will be holding our first club 3 Gun event on the new shooting berm on Sunday 22 July from 0900-1300hrs. The range area is still a work in progress and we will still only have one bay to use. More details will be included in the safety brief.

Ammo requirements:

.223/ 5.56 only for rifle (no green tip or armor piercing)

9, 40, 45 for pistol (no magnum)

Trap load only shot for shotgun


AR and AR type variants. No AR pistols or AK’s.

Semi-auto pistols preferred

Shotgun of your choice as long as it operates safely.

No fully semi-automatic firearms please.


Holster, mag holders, shell caddy, pistol belt, full coverage eye protection, ear protection, wear appropriate clothing for the weather, and bring at least two mags per gun. Work gloves are a good idea if you are handling steel. A folding chair is recommended.

We will be at the Arlington club shed for load out at around 0800hrs and then setup on the new range to the left of the 200yd range.

The safety brief is at 0900 and every shooter arriving will get a brief before they participate. The event starts as soon as everyone is briefed. No one shoots without a safety briefing. This is formatted event with a 0900 start time. Only shooters that arrive on or before the start time will be allowed to shoot in the first run. Late comers will have to go to the end of the line when the first run is complete. We need everyone to participate in target resets during the event. Help with setup and/or breakdown is appreciated.

The ground is uneven with random holes and roots sticking up from the ground. We will mark them as best we can.

Parking is at the base of the 200yd range and in front of the new shooting area. You will see others backed in and on the grass. You are welcome to do the same.

The weather is forecast to be wet. We will make a weather call on Saturday night if we cancel.

Shooter donation for the steel fund is $10.


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