Shooting Bays


We have completed out shooting bay meeting with the AGC president and committee members today. This train is ready to start picking up speed. The AGC president will present our planning results of the Hesco barrier system to the trustees and secure the funding for the barrier build out among other things such as burying the electrical wires that span the shooting area.

The great news is that ARPC action shooting and the AGC action shooting entities only are granted limited and controlled use of the shooting bay area starting this week. What that means is Tuesday night steel will be on the shooting bay area and not the 200 yd range Tuesday 26 June. I will answer any questions for you at the event. ARPC has been the tip of the spear in steel target safety testing, action shooting concept testing, and now the shooting berm.

The barrier prep and installation will happen during non-shooting hours. Trucks will start to deliver fill dirt in a week or so. These are exciting times people. Who ever thought a mound of dirt could bring so many people happiness.


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