Pistol Steel Event Sunday 10 June, 0900 to 1430


Please join us for a pistol steel fun shoot this weekend on Sunday, 10 June at 0900hrs on the AGC pistol range. This is an unformatted (no course of fire), static shooting event. We will be at the shed around 0800hrs to load up and setup. We will have the plate rack and multiple steel plates setup. Safety Brief is at 0900.

DO bring your pistols. .22lr and up to .45 cal. No Magnum or penetrator rounds. No FN 5.7 (too fast). If you have a .357, be sure to buy some .38 rounds to shoot.
DO NOT bring your rifles, short barrel rifles, pistol caliber carbines, AK, AR type pistols. It comes down to safety.

If you are not sure, ask before you shoot it.

Please remember your full coverage eye protection as it is mandatory. Your Mickey Mouse plastic wayfarer sunglasses from Wal-Mart won’t protect you.

We have Empty Chamber Indicators for sale if you forget to bring or do not own any.

Remember, that if you bring unbadged guests, you are responsible for them and cannot leave them unattended on the line with firearms. Kindly be aware that if you invite a large group of guests, it is unfair to expect other badge holders to stop shooting and attend to your guests.

Food will be cooked on site for a donation. Please don’t forget some cash. We will have T-shirts, Hats and Sweatshirts for sale as well.

Weather call: Unless there is lightening, the event will go on.

See you there!


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