MD Legislature HB 1302 Red Flag Alert!

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Maryland Shall Issue is sending out this notice about HB 1302. The way this bill is written, it could be a very dangerous bill to gun owners in Maryland. It could come up for a vote on Monday. If it passes, it will be the law of the land. Please let our MD legislators know your opposition to this bill.

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HB1302 Red Flag RED ALERT

Maryland Shall Issue
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It is crunch time! The General Assembly ends at midnight, Monday, April 9. On Saturday, April 7, the House refused to accede to the Senate amendments to HB 1302 and appointed as the House Conference Committee Delegates Dumais, Morhaim, and Corderman. The Senate members will be appointed on Monday, April 9. The House members have already been named! If the bill emerges from Conference (it takes the agreement and a majority vote of 4 to emerge), the bill will come around once again for an up or down vote in each chamber, which must take place by midnight, Monday.

This bill is a monstrosity. For why see our updated write up at (

We are asking all our members and subscribers to contact their legislators and ask for a *no* vote on this legislation. The time to do this is NOW. You can obtain their contact information HERE ( . Failing that, we are asking everyone to contact Gov. Hogan and ask for a veto.

His contact information is HERE ( . Folks should understand that, under the Maryland Constitution, a veto of this bill cannot be overridden, either in this Session of the General Assembly (it is too late in the Session) or in the next Session (because there is an election before the next Session).
The only way that this General Assembly can override a veto is to convene a special session after sine die on April 9.

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One Response to MD Legislature HB 1302 Red Flag Alert!

  1. Jeff Manley says:

    Is anyone working or know anything about a “Pro-Second Amendment Rally” tomorrow? The event has been organized and coordinated largely via social media by a group known as the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans, and they plan to host permitted pro-Second Amendment rallies at or near every state capitol in all 50 states

    Jeff Manley, PMP CPO. USN, RET. Sent from my iPad


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