Shooting Clinics


We had a very successful Advanced Carbine clinic on 31 March. We had 14 shooters and they certainly showed their competitive side. It was certainly a pleasure to work with such great folks going over some of the most advanced skills ever demonstrated in the history of the AGC. The feedback from all the shooters after the event was overwhelmingly positive. Take a look at a few of the videos on our Facebook page.

We only have two dates on the calendar year for these events. Since reserved dates on the 200yd range are at a premium, I am asking our membership if they would care to have mini-clinics on one Tuesday evening every month in place of a Tuesday night steel on the 200yd range. It would be a formatted event with advanced notice of the skills covered and folks would need to sign up. It would be open to ARPC and AGC members. Yes there will be a fee. I believe there is a need for beginner clinics to get folks in a position where they could attend an advanced level event if they so choose to do so. Send me your feedback and what you would like to see at the clinic via the XO email link on the club website.


2 Responses to Shooting Clinics

  1. Randy says:

    Fantastic time at the Advanced Carbine Clinic, I would definitely be in favor of the Tuesday eve mini-clinics, count me in !


  2. Craig Fuhr says:

    I’d be highly interested in that type of an event on a TUE evening.


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