AGC Range Day – Volunteers are needed!

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

The AGC Range Maintenance Day is on April 15th. Arlington has always turned out in strength to help at these range days, so please come out and give a hand.
Details of the event are listed below.

Thank you,


Take a break from your taxes, they aren’t due till the 17th.

AGC Range Day is set for Sunday 15 April from 0800-1200. The entire range will be closed Sunday until noon.
Barnes Range inner parking lot/s will be closed until noon.

Breakfast compliments of AGC volunteers will be served in Memorial Hall from 0700-0800. A donation please.

Grilled lunch will be served in Memorial Hall for all participants. Donations will be appreciated.

Schedule of Events
Please read over the task list and select your favorite. Please dress accordingly.
There is a lot of work to be done. We are asking for 50 to 60 volunteers. Request the
favor of a reply to: cpatk so we can correlate volunteers to work and food
in advance of the chaos. Your cooperation here will be appreciated.

For those of you new to Range Day, it goes something like this:

Eats and sign in from 0700 till 0800. Registration is required if you wish 2019 Range
Badge credit. Please make it a point to do so.

Break-out to work areas: Memorial Hall for those Rick H. has recruited for trap work.
Barnes Range House front entrance for work assignments.

50 yard / Clear dead fall debris (partly buried may require winching). Groom the area.
50 yard / Reapply moss eradication juice to roofs (rooves).
50 yard / Power wash structures if needed.

200 yard / Power wash structures.
200 yard / Replace gutter segment and downspout.
200 yard / Remove bamboo debris creek side.
200 yard / Trim back overgrowth along egress.
200 yard / Clean fill to level depressions along right side
of egress.
200 yard / Remove brambles/felled tree on berm. Cut and winch down.

100 yard / Power wash structures.
100 yard / Remove wind felled tree on berm.
100 yard / Construct base for aviation wind sock on top of berm.
100 yard / Push mow berm grass at head of handicapped parking area.
100 yard / Using power washer or stiff water hose, attempt to clear gutter-drain pipe debris.
100 yard / Seal/caulk gutters.
100 yard / Survey benches for stability and identify those needing service. Belt sand
bench decks where needed and secure loose fasteners.

Memorial Hall / Paint new construction equipment locker (weather conditions permitting).
Memorial Hall / Install soffit to the rear of Memorial Hall.
Memorial Hall / Gutter and downspout installation (TBD).

Group Task (4-6): Ground crew to clear wind felled tree and dead fall. Need chainsaws and safety gear.
Group Task (3-4): Power washer crew. Wet gear suggested.
Group Task (4-6): Bench crew with hand tools and power sanders. Belts will be AGC provided.
Eye protection please.
Mason and helper to block FTO window space and repair two steps on control building steps.
Group Task (2): Survey and stake locations of tree stumps for removal in vicinity of new berm.
Group Task (2): Set (direct bury) foul pole (4×4) on Trap One out-of-bounds line.
Group Task (2): Soffit installation.
Group Task (6): Fabricate and install bases for new gun racks.
Group Task (4): Experienced roofers please for Memorial Hall gutter project.

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