2018 Arlington Membership Renewal

Greetings Arlington member,

The warmer weather is here (I wish) and that means more Arlington shooting events will be coming. Please check the Club website for the calendar of events. We have many fun events planned for this year for all types of shooters.

Just send an email to Arlingtonrpc.treasurer that you want an email invoice and I will send you one right back. When you pay the invoice your membership card will be mailed to you the next day.
– or –
Print the form, fill it out and return with your check to the address below. Your 2018 Arlington membership card will be mailed to you within days. A valid Club membership card is required to get your 2018 AGC range badge.

Club Mailing Address
Arlington Rifle & Pistol Club
P.O. Box 69
Simpsonville, MD 21150-0069

Thanks for being an Arlington RPC member and I hope to see you at the range.

Best Regards,
Robert Bryan
ARPC Treasurer

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2018 membership dues ARPC form.pdf

2 Responses to 2018 Arlington Membership Renewal

  1. Brian Stafford says:

    Hi Rob, Must be a mistake. We’ve already gotten our membership cards for this year. Regards, Brian

    Brian Stafford Sent from my iPhone


  2. Chip Goodall says:

    I would love to renew but I don’t think this year will work for me. I have been deployed to Afghanistan since mid Oct and will not be returning until April 2019.


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