BustFest and ARPC Family Picnic this Saturday April 28th from 9am – 3pm

Saturday, April 28th – from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., we will be having a Bust Fest on Trap 4 (wobble). The cost is: $15 per shooter for all the birds you want to break. This is a very popular event. Ammunition requirements are: Target loads with #7.5, #8 or #9 shot with a velocity of no more than 1200 Feet Per Second (FPS). If you can, please come at 8:30 to help set up the shoot.

We are also having the ARPC Family Picnic along with the BustFest. Picnicking will commence about Noon when the Juniors finish their small bore practice. We will use memorial hall and the trap room for the picnic. Please bring a favorite dish to share. The Club will be suppling Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Rolls, Condiments, Water, Soda’s and Cookies.

Have a great weekend, hope to see you there.


Tuesday Night Steel 24 April 2018 Cancelled


There is a better than 80% chance of rain this evening. The weather radar doesn’t look very good either. As a result, we are cancelling TNS for tonight.


Bust Fest this Saturday

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

We have a Bust Fest this coming Saturday!!!

Saturday, April 21st – from 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., we will be having a Bust Fest/trap shoot on Trap 4. The cost is: $15 per shooter for all the birds you want to break. This is a very popular event. Ammunition requirements are: Target loads with #7.5, #8 or #9 shot with a velocity of no more than 1200 Feet Per Second (FPS). If you can, please come at 8:30 to help set up the shoot. We have to get the tables, drinks, grill and Lincoln throwers set up.

Have a great weekend!


Reactive Pistol Shoot – This Wednesday 6:00pm at the AGC

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

Greenbelt Gun Club has invited us to participate in their reactive Pistol shoot. Come on out and have some fun. The details are listed below

Thank you


04.18.18 Reactive Target Challenge.pdf

ARPC and Greenbelt 3 Gun Event, Saturday 14 April 0900 -1400 hrs


Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club and Greenbelt will be hosting a joint 3 Gun event on Saturday 14 April on the AGC 200 yd range from 0900 to 1400. This is a TWO stage event. We will commence the first stage at 0900 and once all have completed, we will reset for the second stage. Once both stages are completed, we will have some open shooting time. Be mindful that if you show up in the middle of the stage, you will be eyeballed by the other shooters and have to wait until the next stage or when all other shooters are done before you can join the event.


.223/ 5.56 only for rifle (no green tip or armor piercing)

9, 40, 45 for pistol (no magnum)

Bird only shot for shotgun


AR and AR type variants. No AR pistols or AK’s.

Semiauto pistols preferred

Shotgun of your choice as long as it operates safely and doesn’t jam more than it shoots. Maybe bring a shotgun that holds more than 3 shells so we don’t need to use a sun dial to time your stage instead of a shot timer.


Holster, mag holders, shell caddy, pistol belt, full coverage eye pro, ear pro, weather appropriate clothing, and at least two mags per gun. Work gloves are a good idea if you are handling lead infested steel. Folding chair unless you like sitting on the ground.

We will be at the club shed for load out at around 0800hrs and then setup on the 200 yd range. The general rule of thumb is either be early to help setup or stay late to breakdown. We get on and off the range faster with all of your help.

The safety brief is at 0900 and every shooter arriving will get a brief before they participate. The event starts as soon as everyone is briefed. No one shoots without a safety brief. This is formatted event with a 0900ish start time. So please be on time.

Shooter donation for the steel fund is $10. The most fun you can have for ten bucks with your clothes on. Sarcasm is provided free of charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Saturday’s forecast is for 80 degrees. Running is encouraged to keep things moving along. Drink water, dress weather appropriate and don’t pass out. Check your gear. Holsters warm up and get loose. Tighten those screws. I get to keep any pistols that fall out on the ground.

Any questions, send me an email through the website to the Executive Officer link. See you there!



Arlington Club Meeting Wednesday, April 11th

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club

Our club meeting will be held in Memorial Hall tomorrow evening from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Thank you


Reminder Club meeting Tomorrow

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Reminder, we have a club meeting tomorrow. We will go over upcoming activities for the club and what is happening with the AGC. There will be a show and tell, so bring in any interesting items you have to share. As always, there will be a door prize.

Thank you,


MD Legislature HB 1302 Red Flag Alert!

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Maryland Shall Issue is sending out this notice about HB 1302. The way this bill is written, it could be a very dangerous bill to gun owners in Maryland. It could come up for a vote on Monday. If it passes, it will be the law of the land. Please let our MD legislators know your opposition to this bill.

Thank you,


HB1302 Red Flag RED ALERT

Maryland Shall Issue
View this email in your browser (https://mailchi.mp/marylandshallissue/hb1302-red-flag-red-alert?e=2c99071b4f)
Not Yet a member of MSI? Join Here! (https://www.marylandshallissue.org/jmain/join?utm_source=Main+Membership+List&utm_campaign=a7e13ea27d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_08&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_51231bbc70-a7e13ea27d-65646617)

It is crunch time! The General Assembly ends at midnight, Monday, April 9. On Saturday, April 7, the House refused to accede to the Senate amendments to HB 1302 and appointed as the House Conference Committee Delegates Dumais, Morhaim, and Corderman. The Senate members will be appointed on Monday, April 9. The House members have already been named! If the bill emerges from Conference (it takes the agreement and a majority vote of 4 to emerge), the bill will come around once again for an up or down vote in each chamber, which must take place by midnight, Monday.

This bill is a monstrosity. For why see our updated write up at https://bit.ly/2HiBq8G?utm_source=Main+Membership+List&utm_campaign=a7e13ea27d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_08&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_51231bbc70-a7e13ea27d-65646617 (https://www.marylandshallissue.org/jmain/legislation-tracker/150-hb-1302-the-so-called-extreme-risk-protection-orders-bill?utm_source=Main+Membership+List&utm_campaign=a7e13ea27d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_08&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_51231bbc70-a7e13ea27d-65646617)

We are asking all our members and subscribers to contact their legislators and ask for a *no* vote on this legislation. The time to do this is NOW. You can obtain their contact information HERE (http://bit.ly/FindElectedOfficialsMD?utm_source=Main+Membership+List&utm_campaign=a7e13ea27d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_08&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_51231bbc70-a7e13ea27d-65646617) . Failing that, we are asking everyone to contact Gov. Hogan and ask for a veto.

His contact information is HERE (https://bit.ly/1I4obnH?utm_source=Main+Membership+List&utm_campaign=a7e13ea27d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_08&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_51231bbc70-a7e13ea27d-65646617) . Folks should understand that, under the Maryland Constitution, a veto of this bill cannot be overridden, either in this Session of the General Assembly (it is too late in the Session) or in the next Session (because there is an election before the next Session).
The only way that this General Assembly can override a veto is to convene a special session after sine die on April 9.

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Shooting Clinics


We had a very successful Advanced Carbine clinic on 31 March. We had 14 shooters and they certainly showed their competitive side. It was certainly a pleasure to work with such great folks going over some of the most advanced skills ever demonstrated in the history of the AGC. The feedback from all the shooters after the event was overwhelmingly positive. Take a look at a few of the videos on our Facebook page.

We only have two dates on the calendar year for these events. Since reserved dates on the 200yd range are at a premium, I am asking our membership if they would care to have mini-clinics on one Tuesday evening every month in place of a Tuesday night steel on the 200yd range. It would be a formatted event with advanced notice of the skills covered and folks would need to sign up. It would be open to ARPC and AGC members. Yes there will be a fee. I believe there is a need for beginner clinics to get folks in a position where they could attend an advanced level event if they so choose to do so. Send me your feedback and what you would like to see at the clinic via the XO email link on the club website.


Reminder Frame build is tomorrow from 9:00 – 11:45 a.m