Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club – Urgent Announcement from AGC and MSRPA to take action opposing proposed anti-gun bills in Maryland

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Please act on this announcement by contacting the Maryland House and Senate by email or telephone calls to voice your opposition to these bills. They will greatly impact our rights to own firearms in our state. It will take you less than 5 minutes to use the AGC Legislative email tool to contact all of the Maryland Delegates and Senators with one click. Please email them to let them know your opposition to these bills. Each year the Maryland Legislature has gun bill days to invent ways that they can further restrict our rights. We have to let them know we care about or rights, otherwise they only hear from the Bloomberg sponsored anti-gun groups and think they are doing what their constituents want them to do.

Thank you,


URGENT Announcement

AGC & MSRPA urges all of our members to reach out to their Delegates to oppose House Bills 432 / 819 / 888 / 1302 and Senate Bill 707.



Please contact members of the
House Delegates

HERE and urge them to OPPOSE (click the link, then click on House Members email address)


Maryland General Assembly is attacking
our 2nd Amendment-protected Civil Rights
AGC & MSRPA urges all of our members toCALL

their Delegates to OPPOSE
House Bills 432 / 819 / 888 / 1302 and Senate Bill 707.


2018 has turned into an all-out assault on the Second Amendment-protected rights of all law-abiding Marylanders. Instead of trying to focus on the actual issues that plague our state, some in the General Assembly have decided to do make a frontal attack on our rights, conflating our rights into being THE cause of all violence issues in Maryland. Instead of focusing their energy on meaningful reform, they have decided to make an already prohibitive landscape even more difficult to navigate.

We need all of our members to reach out and contact their Delegates (for House Bills) and Senators (for Senate Bills) to express their ardent objections to further encroachments on our protected civil rights.

House Bill 432 – Public Safety and Violence Prevention Act
A $10M boondoggle that is quite transparent in its machinations to provide money to anti-gun think tanks with the supposed aim of preventing violence. However, Delegate Lierman focused the bill on euphamistic mechanisms to look at firearms, with no mention of other forms of violence. Maryland does not have a "gun violence" problem. A gun is absolutely useless without a thinking mind and body to pull the trigger. AGC/MSRPA can think of many reasons, as we are certain our members and the public can also, to use $10M for the betterment of Maryland.

House Bill 819 – Handgun Permit Review Board Repeal

House Bill 888 / Senate Bill 707 – Rapid Fire Trigger Activators
These poorly worded bills attack firearms accessories and criminalizes the mere possession of these items. AGC/MSRPA feels these bills are unconstitutional takings under both the Federal and Maryland Constitutions and the leadership of the legislature could care less. These bills are on the fast track and we need voices, direct and succinct, to contact ALL members of the General Assembly to oppose these useless bills. As I mentioned before, these bills will lead to the creation of instant criminals on October 1st of this year for the mere ownership/possession of pieces of non-serialized plastic and metal based on the nebulous phrase of "standard rate of fire". This bill will do absolutely NOTHING to prevent a tragedy similar to the illegal activity in Las Vegas last year and only seeks to penalize and criminalize law-abiding persons on Maryland soil. These devices have not been proven to be used in ANY criminal activity in Maryland. The Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association does not agree that any bans on firearms or firearms accessories are good public policy and testified in opposition to these bills when they were heard in committee.

House Bill 1302 – Extreme Risk Prevention Orders
This bill allows "Any other interested person" (along with others more clearly defined) to make a sworn statement, that is presumed to be with good intentions, that will lead to the confiscation of firearms on an "ex parte" basis. This means that a law-abiding Maryland citizen can be forcefully disarmed by law enforcement officers and have their property confiscated PRIOR to having a hearing a court of law and being able to face their accuser in an adversarial court proceeding based on the simplist of legal standards ("preponderance of evidence"). AGC & MSRPA feels this bill is a clear violation of due process.

  • Legislation tracker . This has links to bills (for March 6th and more), Our position, bill status, and other pertinent information.
  • How to Testify in Annapolis – . This link has details & everything you need to know to prepare yourself to testify. Note that you must submit written testimony on site, if you so choose (this is not required), by 11:AM.

Please remember that civility in all communications is essential.

HERE again is the full Legislative update with Hearing dates and Status

Email your Representative HERE
Find your Representative HERE
Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc., 11518 Marriottsville Road, Marriiottsville, MD 21104

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