ARPC Advanced Carbine Clinic, Saturday 31 March, 0800-1600hrs


ARPC will be sponsoring an Advanced Carbine Clinic (Rifle and Pistol) on Saturday 31 March from 0800-1600hrs. This is the third year we have been running these events and now members have been asking for an advanced course. More moving and shooting is what you wanted. That’s what you’ll get.

To qualify for advanced, you must be have attended any of our previous carbine clinics and / or be LEO/ MIL trained in carbine and pistol. In order for an advanced event to be safe and keep moving along at a good pace, participants must possess an excellent ability to control their firearms under stressful condition. Firearm manipulation and control should be instinctive and subconscious. The use of safeties are mandatory. You will need to be holster certified through the AGC. Pay the fee, take the test online and bring me your sign off forms. I will administer the practical exam the morning of the event. If you are an advanced shooter, there should be no question that you will pass.

Those interested should contact me directly through the XO email link on our webpage. I will send out a bulletin to the participants directly and confirm attendance. This is a formatted event. Meaning, be on time, be safe and have a good attitude. The fee for the event is $100 per participant for the 8 hour event. Payable the morning of the event. Please plan. Don’t show up with two money orders, three rolls of dimes and a box of ammo in trade for the class fee. Go to the ATM. I have room for 15 participants. This will be on a first come first served basis. Please don’t be that fellow that cancels the morning of the event and cheat another member out of a slot. I can understand extenuating circumstances of course. So get your kitchen passes signed early folks.

Safety will be non-negotiable and non-refundable. Flagging of other shooters, negligent discharges, poor gun handling and horseplay will result in being asked to leave.

See you there


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  1. Thomas Kasuba says:

    Sign me if there’s still space.

    Thanks Tom Kasuba


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