100yd Steel event 30 Dec, 9 am to 2pm

Arlington Members,

Reminder: we have a Steel Plate Rifle Shoot at the Barnes Multipurpose Range this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. You can shoot steel targets at 100 yards using calibers up to 30.06 or 7.62. No magnum, armor piercing or rounds with a velocity greater than 3,200 feet per second will be allowed.

The weather is forecast to be dang cold with light snow. Be aware that if range conditions deteriorate, the AGC may close the range. We may close down early if there are only a few shooters. So please don’t show up at 1:30 when we are wrapping up for the day and get a snot bubble because we shutdown early. I’ll be at the shed at around 8:15 to setup. It won’t take long at all for setup.

Happy New Year to all and for those that don’t show, we’ll see you next year.


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