Help us honor and say farewell to Eric and Rebecca King and Paul Shinol at a 3 Gun Shoot and an amazing feast this Sunday

To Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club,

Eric and Rebecca King are moving to Oklahoma and Paul Shinol is moving to West Virginia. They have been strong sponsors of our club and have helped promote Action shooting at the AGC.

Arlington and the AGC Action Shooting Program are cosponsoring this celebration to honor the King and Shinol families. Please come out and show your support and have a lot of fun. Arlington club member and AGC Action Shooting Chair, Rick Hensley, has put together an amazing 3-gun shoot for Sunday. It is combining Arlington’s and the AGC’s steel to make the largest 3 gun event that has ever taken place at the AGC. Details of the shoot are included in Rick’s announcement, which is included below.

The food will be amazing. We will have catered pit beef, fresh cut French fries, chili, etc.

Come out and say farewell to our dear friends.

Thank you,



AGC 3 GUN on November 19th, 2017

AGC Action Shooting and Arlington RPC will be joining up for the last 3 GUN of the year and to say farewell to the King family and the Shinol family. Eric and Rebecca are leaving us to move out west in December. Paul and Rebecca will also be moving out of state very soon. Since we all love to shoot and want to say farewell in a lead slinging fashion, AGC Action Shooting and ARPC joined forces to throw a going away 3 Gun Party for the King’s and Shinol’s.

Members from Arlington have volunteered to provide PIT BEEF and FRENCH FRIES and Action Shooting will be providing CHILI and DRINKS plus other goodies. A food donation would be appreciated to help cover costs.

Detailed AGC 3 Gun information can be found on the AGC ACTION SHOOTING website. AGC event fees ($10.00) apply to the 3 Gun portion.

Paul Shinol is the main reason we have ACTION SHOOTING, Steel Certification and Holster Certifications plus the ability for all members and clubs to shoot steel at AGC. During his term as AGC EVP Paul helped change the AGC into a modern shooting range. We will soon have a new BERM and Shooting bays to continue the expansion of ACTION SHOOTING so that all the AGC clubs will be able to conduct their own ACTION SHOOTING programs. This was a very difficult change to make at AGC and those who worked with Paul thru this process understand what he went thru to accomplish this task. Rebecca has also been involved in AGC ACTION SHOOTING and we will miss them both.

Eric has worked as an AGC RSO for some time now and is also retiring from the Navy very soon. Eric is very involved with the Boy Scouts and has participated in many Arlington RPC and AGC programs and Events. Rebecca has been providing training and shooting with the AGC as well as promoting the shooting sports as a competitive shooter.

Eric & Rebecca King and Paul & Rebecca Shinol are great people and we will miss them at the Arlington RPC and the AGC. So, come on out and sling some lead one last time with these fine family’s and wish them well in their future endeavors.

AGC 3 GUN REGISTRATION for November 19th, 2017

We are testing a new way to register and score matches for the AGC Action Shooting 3 GUN Events. We will be using PRACTISCORE to register shooters and report match results for the November 19th match. If you plan on attending please help us out and use the following link to Register. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks Guys……..I will try to attend….Jimbo

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