Another Carbine Clinic in the books


The Fall 2017 Carbine clinic was completed successfully this weekend. We had 12 participants this time around.We started the morning early at 8 am with our safety brief and talked fundamentals. We went hot on the range at 9 am for shooter ability assessment. We performed simple drills so I could assess shooter capabilities and safety procedures. By about noon, we were running and gunning around barriers. As always the shooters enjoyed the competitive aspect as they performed courses of fire as they shot "head to head" simultaneously against another shooter. We used the protimer as a gauge for shooter self assessment in the group. We executed a pistol "walk back" and we had a shooter successfully hit an E-type silhouette with his Glock at about 150 yds. We culminated with a full course of fire that extended across the whole 200 yd range which encompassed all the fundamentals covered earlier in the day. Long distance shots at 200yds

(not allowed to use prone position) then assault 100yds to the next barrier for rifle steel shots, followed by a 25 yd movement to pistol and another 40 yds to engage pistol and rifle targets. Shooters carried all the ammunition they needed and conducted magazine changes as needed during the course of fire. Shooters had to plan their shoot and shot their plan. All participants carried both rifle and pistol on their person for almost the entire day to give an idea what soldiers are required to do while in combat.

We took comments and half the group expressed interest in an advanced series class with more moving while shooting. I believe we can fulfill that request next year. There was definitely a thirst for some more challenging tasks and courses. I also believe there is a need for a beginner course to get shooters smart and experienced with their firearm’s operation and controls.

A big thanks to the participants, Bill O for assisting on the range, Brian T and Harold S for the drone support and coverage.

Paul Casale


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