AGC 3 Gun and ARPC member going away event


The AGC has their scheduled 3 Gun event on Sunday, 19 November. It is the last AGC 3 Gun for the calendar year. We also have the King family, Rebecca and Eric, leaving us to move out west in December of this year. Since we all love to shoot and want to say farewell in a lead slinging fashion, the AGC Action Shooting folks and ARPC joined forces to throw a going away 3 Gun for the Kings on the 19th. We will have both ARPC steel and AGC steel setup in this joint event. Members have volunteered to provide and cook pit beef and other delectables in their honor.

The detailed AGC 3 Gun information can be found on the AGC website. AGC event fees still apply to the 3 Gun portion and donations for the fine chow that will be provided will be greatly appreciated. Eric has worked as an AGC RSO for sometime now and is also retiring from the Navy very soon. Rebecca has been providing training and shooting with the AGC as well as promoting the shooting sports as a competitive shooter. They will be missed. So, come on out and sling some lead one last time with this fine family and wish them well in their future endeavors.

Paul Casale


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