April 1st and 2nd Event Wrap-up and Tuesday Night Steel


We executed a Tactical Carbine Clinic on Saturday and a 3 Gun on Sunday. No shortage of shooting, even for me. The crew on Saturday was a good mix of advanced and intermediate shooters with great attitudes. It was a little muddy out but the guys were safely running and gunning all day. Thanks to those that participated. I hope you all took away some new skills and learned a little about shooter mindset and capabilities working towards your personal shooting goals.

The 3 Gun was a short and sweet, left to right setup. Minimal running but no shortage of steel to slam with lead. Had some new faces and some interested folks coming out to watch. There is no doubt that our club is attracting folks from the other shooting disciplines to the action shooting discipline. I am very proud of how far we have come in just a few years. From our club board members to the members on the line running yesterday’s 3 Gun, I thank you for making this club the best it can be. We can’t make everyone happy but there were an awful lot of smiles at this weekend’s events. It is proof that I need to practice more as there about 6 or 7 of us now that have course times with a few seconds of each other.

Our first Tuesday Night Steel is 4 April. Weather pending, I will be at the club shed around 1730hrs for load out. We will shoot until sundown. The format is informal. We’ll do some drills then have some open shooting time on steel. Donation for Tuesday Night Steel is $5. Subscribe to the club blog through the website and our Tuesday Night Steel Facebook Page for updates and weather cancellations. I will generally try to make a weather call by noon on Tuesday.



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