100yd Steel Shooting Event, Saturday March 18th

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will host a 100yd Steel Event on Saturday, March 18th from 0900-1500 on the Barnes Range. This is a fairly unstructured, fun shooting event that our members love because they can bring out those guns not allowed during our 3 Gun events. So bring your Mosin Nagants, SKS’s, AK’s, Garands and so on.

This event is open to ARPC members and invited guests. As always, we ask that you respect other shooters and don’t bring half of your neighborhood out to shoot with you. You as the member are required to watch your guest and not leave them shooting unattended.

This is a non-action event. Shooting will be static on or near the benches. Hot chow as always, for a small donation, will be on site. We’ll have T-shirts and hats for sale. Setup will be at 0815hrs at the shed. Be sure to bring full coverage ballistic eye protection. Safety Brief at 0900. No one shoots without a safety brief.

I have a special gift for the people that leave their safety off during a cease fire. Be sure to bring something comfortable to do pushups in if you are that person. Consider this your only warning. I can’t reiterate enough how important safety is during these events.

Ammunition restrictions:

NO MAGNUMS (Leave your 300 Winmag, 270 cal, 7mm MAG and .50 cal at home)

If it screams out of the muzzle at more than 3400 fps, leave it home.

.17 cal to .45 cal authorized

Steel cased Russian ammo is OK.

If you have a weird caliber and are unsure, email mewith your questions at the XO email address on the website.

NO Armor Piercing or anything with a penetrator core. M855 Green tip or Black tip .308 are not authorized.

Above all, let’s have a fun and safe event. See you there!

Paul Casale


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  1. Matt says:

    I think you can appreciate this little bit of bling I call “The RSO’s Friend”: http://i.imgur.com/J6hnqhy.jpg.

    >Hot chow as always, for a small donation, will be on site

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