Pistol Steel Event 18 Feb 2017

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a pistol steel event on the AGC 50 yd range, 18 Feb 2017 from 0900 to 1500 hrs. This event is open to ARPC members and invited guests. AGC club members are welcome to attend.

We will have steel setup at various distances from about 15 yds to 50 yds across half the pistol lanes. We will also have the plate rack setup as well. The weather is scheduled to be warm and clear on Saturday. Chow will be available for donation around 1100hrs.

Of course, our steel event announcement would not be complete without a few caveats. So here we go.

Setup: we will meet at the club shed at 0815 for load up

Firearms: limited to pistols (no SBR, AR or AK pistols, no rifles of any kind)

Ammunition: Rimfire or centerfire .22lr to 45 cal.; No Magnum or Armor Piercing, No muskets or black powder

Safety: No shooter will participate without a safety brief from an ARPC board member on site. First safety brief is at 0900. All shooters will wear full coverage eye protection. Prescription glasses or sunglasses with no side protection won’t provide enough safety. Hearing protection of choice needs to be worn as well. There is generally a lot of people at these events and it can be congested at times. Long guns and SBR’s/ AK and AR pistols increase risk and that is why they are not allowed at this event.

So for your entertainment and mine, don’t be the fella that shows up with some homemade pistol looking thing that is actually a chopped down rifle that shoots 50 Beowulf penetrator rounds while wearing your Wayfarer sunglasses.

See you on the range!



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