Pistol Steel Event, Sunday 8 Jan 2017, 0900 to 1400hrs

Arlington Rifle and Pistol Club will be hosting a pistol steel event on the AGC 50 yd pistol range, Sunday 8 Jan from 0900 to 1400. Our usual static pistol steel event. Open to ARPC members and their guests.

Firearms: Pistols up to .45 Cal (no SBRs or AK/ AR pistols and no rimfire rifles)

Ammunition: Pistol loads only, no magnum or penetrator rounds. Steel cased ammo is fine.

There will be pistol steel setup from 15-20 yds, a plate rack at 10 yds and tactical steel out to 50 yds. Be sure to get your safety brief at 0900 or before you shoot. Full coverage ballistic eyepro is mandatory. Earpro of your choice. Hot chow for donation will be on site as always. We should have t-shirts and our new hats for sale as well. Any new members can be voted in on the range. AGC range safety rules apply during this event. Holster certs for those planning on training should have their badges and know where they can draw. Any questions, ask before you get caught doing something that will get you kicked off the range. This is popular event for all shooters and most get to try different people’s guns on for size. Load out at the shed is around 0815hrs for those wishing to help setup.

See you there!


2 Responses to Pistol Steel Event, Sunday 8 Jan 2017, 0900 to 1400hrs

  1. Bob Seipel says:

    Paul – I presume no pistol caliber carbines either, correct? Specifically thinking of my Beretta CX-4 in 9 MM.   Thanks Bob Seipel

  2. Bob Sebastian says:

    Do we need our new Range badge for this shoot?
    Are they available that morning?

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    EBA Engineering, Inc.
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